3 Benefits of Using a Portable Storage Unit While You Move

Portable Storage Units

July 13th, 2021

The size of an average home in the United States has nearly doubled since the 1970s. So, if you’re moving because you are looking for a bigger house, that is completely understandable. Moving can be a serious hassle, but portable storage units can make your life so much easier when you move. There are tons of benefits of renting a portable storage unit the next time you move, and here are just a few.

Fewer trips

When you rent a traditional storage unit, you have to take multiple trips to and from the storage facility to store or retrieve your things. When you have a portable unit, that’s not a problem. Most portable storage units can be kept right at your home, so the only trip you’ll be making is from the front door to the unit on your property. This saves a lot of time and a lot of gas.

No worries during bad weather

Many times, the weather is not on the mover’s side. If you are not moving on the sunniest day in the middle of the summer, this will probably affect you in one way or another. Driving back and forth from the storage unit can be a huge hassle when the weather is nasty, but that’s not a problem when the portable storage unit is right in your front yard. No more worrying about snow, rain, floods, or even fog with your portable storage unit.

More security

Most traditional storage units are safe. But when a portable storage unit is in your front yard, you yourself can actually keep an eye on it. They are typically made of steel and have lockable doors. Only you will have access to the stuff inside. And if someone tries to break into the unit, you will be right there.Buying a new house is exciting, but the process of moving isn’t always so joyous. To make your life much easier during an already stressful process, rent a portable storage unit. They allow for fewer trips, less stress, and higher security. For all your portable storage needs, contact us today.