3 Benefits of Using a Portable Storage Unit While You Move

Portable Storage Units

The size of an average home in the United States has nearly doubled since the 1970s. So, if you’re moving because you are looking for a bigger house, that is completely understandable. Moving can be a serious hassle, but portable storage units can make your life so much easier when you move. There are tons of benefits of renting a portable storage unit the next time you move, and here are just a few. Fewer trips When you rent a traditional storage unit, you have to take multiple trips to and from the storage facility to store or retrieve your things. When you have a portable unit, that’s not a problem. Most portable storage units can be kept right at your home, so the only trip you’ll be making is from the front door to the unit on your property. This saves a lot of time and a lot of gas. No worries during bad weather Many times, the weather is not on the mover’s side. If you are not moving on the sunniest day in the middle of the summer, this will probably affect you in one way or another. Driving back and forth from the storage unit can be a huge hassle when the weather is nasty, but that’s not a problem when the portable storage unit is right in your front yard. No more worrying about snow, rain, floods, or even fog with your portable storage unit. More security Most traditional storage units are safe. But when a portable storage unit is in your front yard, you yourself can actually keep an eye on it. They are typically made of steel and have lockable doors. Only you will have access to the stuff inside. And if someone tries to break into the unit, you will be right there.Buying a new house is exciting, but the process of moving isn’t always so joyous. To make your life much easier during an already stressful process, rent a portable storage unit. They allow for fewer trips, ...

March 30th, 2018

Debunking 4 Common Myths Surrounding Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage Units

Portable storage units are an exceedingly useful tool to safely and securely store a vast number of your personal belongings. In fact, according to a Self Storage Association study, by 2007, 50% of self-storage users were storing what wouldn’t fit in their homes, but sports equipment and seasonal items are commonly stored as well. Before you commit to a unit, it’s important to be aware of the common misconceptions surrounding them. Here are some common myths about portable storage units. Myth: Storage units are expensive. This is a total misconception. In reality, most storage unit companies offer very reasonably priced units in a variety of sizes. Aside from that, all reputable storage unit companies are very upfront and straightforward about the costs of storage units, so you will never end up paying more than you expected or get hit with hidden fees. Myth: Storage units won’t keep belongings safe. This, again, is completely untrue. Storage units are designed to withstand not only the elements but the wear and tear of consistent travel as well. Plus, climate control storage units are quickly growing in popularity due to their unique and innovative internal temperature monitoring system. While the units aren’t technically considered ‘refrigerated,’ they can definitely ensure that your items are maintained at optimal temperatures. Myth: There are no restrictions about what can and cannot be stored in portable storage units. In an ideal world, this would be true, but the fact is there are some limitations when it comes to storing items. This is because certain items may pose safety risks. Flammables and explosives are generally prohibited for obvious reasons. Certain perishable food items may also have some restrictions due to the risk of pest infestations that can lead to health concerns. Ultimately, renting a portable storage unit is not only convenient, but it can help you free up some much-needed space in your home, which helps to declutter the mind as well. Keep in mind that out of all American self-storage renters, 65% have a garage ...

July 17th, 2017

Keep Your Life Organized With These 3 Tips

Portable Storage Units

Life is complicated enough, but it can feel overwhelming if you aren’t organized. Whether you have too many things to keep track of or just can’t stay on top of your schedule, getting organized can significantly improve your quality of life. Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re constantly surrounded by distracting technology.If you’re looking for some simple organization hacks, then here are a few simple tips from Stevens Creek Storage to get organized, and fast. Take Advantage of Technology Although writing down everything will certainly help you get more organized, having too much paper clutter can lead to organizational problems of its own. You wouldn’t rent a storage unit just for your papers and files, but you also wouldn’t want to throw away all these important documents, either. That’s why you should transfer the majority of those files to a secure online database. If you have old photo albums, consider digitizing them to cut down on clutter. For those people who do have an abundance of paper files, however, a storage unit can be a great option; especially a climate controlled storage unit, which would maintain the integrity of the documents through the years. Portable Storage Units According to the Self Storage Association’s annual “Industry Fact Sheet,” out of all the households in the U.S., about 8.96% rent storage units in any given year. That’s up significantly from just 5% in the 1990s. Why do so many Americans invest in portable storage units?Because it’s nearly impossible to organize your life if you have too much clutter in your home. Rather than just piling everything you’ve ever owned into your attic, forgetting all about it, and eventually losing track of all your important items, find a secure place to store all those precious keepsakes. Portable storage units are an ideal solution for temporary storage during a move, while a self storage facility can keep your possessions safe for years to come. Keep Only Essential Items It’s important to know when it’s time to ...

May 11th, 2017