3 Tips For Finding Your Best Storage Site

Storage Units

July 13th, 2021

In 2009, there were 2.3 billion square-feet of storage space in the U.S., across nearly 50,000 storage facilities. These days the average American home has 300,000 items in it, and sometimes space is a little hard to come by, and so many are turning to these facilities to get a little space for themselves.But while many are looking for cheap storage units, it shouldn’t be your goal. Cheap storage units can be appealing for price reasons, but like everything you buy, you should look at quality versus investment. A quality investment in a storage facility can mean the difference between damaged or stolen goods, and a secure location that you can use for years.How do you find a quality, trustworthy, storage facility though? We have some tips to doing just that.
1. Find The Type You Want When you’re looking at storage units, you shouldn’t just think of price. Cheap storage units can be nice, but what if you have items that are fragile and sensitive to heat or humidity? You might want a climate controlled unit then.You have to think about what it is you’re storing.If you only think about the money you might buy the smallest unit you can, due to them being cheaper, and find that you can’t navigate it at all to get to the things you need. You want to be able to get your items out, and you may want to add later as time progresses.Also, if you’re storing something valuable, you’ll want to get a unit with a lot of security.
2. Do Your Homework Look at the storage facility itself, their office and gate hours. The gate hours are generally the hours in which you can access the facility, and so you should make sure you have them memorized. The officer hours are always shorter than the gate hours, at least in most facilities.Also, look at the dates that they’re opened. You want to know exactly when you’re able to get your items in and out, or if they’re closed on a Saturday and open on a Sunday, or vice versa. Every facility can be different.
Don’t Get Stuck On Location You don’t want to only limit yourself to the facilities near you, or the cheapest one in your community. Look around, branch out. Going an extra 10 minutes to store your belongings in a nicer, more secure, location can make a world of difference.One extra tip is to check the reviews of the facility. The internet has blessed us with access to the thoughts of millions, and so getting an idea of how a business ranks compared to competitors can be as easy as pushing a button.If you have any other tips to finding the best storage facility for your needs, leave them in the comments below. If you want to discuss storage options near you, contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.