7 Reasons You May Need a Storage Unit

Storage Units

July 13th, 2021

There are many different reasons to rent a storage unit. Estate settlements, decluttering, downsizing, building a new home, divorces, marriages and just needing more room in the garage or house. Here at Stevens Creek Storage we have a solution for many of your needs with a wide variety of sizes and affordable pricing.Estate SettlementsIn the case of an estate settlement, there could be a waiting period while the courts and families agree on how to handle the possessions. In the short term, sometimes the possessions are kept in a neutral site such as a storage unit. The size of the estate will determine the size of the unit you will require. Using a storage calculator is a very good guide in most cases.DeclutteringRegardless of how big a home is or how long a person has lived in it, there is likely some clutter that has occurred. Whether it is an excess of decorations, clothes, toys or anything else, a storage unit can help declutter the home and make it look and feel more expansive. This is also a great technique for showing a home that is ready to be sold.Most of the time a smaller unit like a 10 X 10 unit is needed to start with for a few items, like holiday decorations, extra lamps or tables, and even many boxes or totes. But once the home is sold, depending on how quickly the home sells, an owner may have to move into an apartment and fewer possessions are needed to run an apartment, then are needed to run a home. Then the tenant may need a second unit or move into a larger unit like a 10 X 20 or a 10 X 30 unit for the garage items, such as a mower, snow blower, garden materials, bikes and many other items to put into storage. Decluttering can also mean, reducing the homes own storage area to gain space for yourself, or you may need a guest room, or a child moving back home.DownsizingDownsizing from a large home to a townhouse or duplex is becoming more popular. For financially savvy millennials and seniors alike, downsizing provides more disposable income for trips and hobbies. Downsizing seems like a great option, but it does bring up one potential setback: storage. This can be long term storage and it would be wise to use the storage calculator to get a better idea of the size of a unit that is necessary. Downsizing is usually family items and may require a climate controlled storage unit for pictures, paintings and family furniture that is passed down from past generations. The climate control unit helps in reducing the Lincoln, Nebraska humid summers and subzero winters.Building a New HomeBuilding a new home can present a large array of problems for tenants. They may have to move in with relatives or an apartment for up to a year. And storing a whole house can be a challenge, but it can be solved by using the storage calculator and a good strategy when filling the storage unit. Since it can take up to a year between selling, building and moving into a new home, you will want to get a large enough unit to be able to find those holiday decorations, the summer or winter clothing and other items.DivorceDivorce can be rough in so many ways; it can sometimes put a tenant in a strange place in life. They may need short term storage or long term storage to temporarily store their possessions because of temporary living arrangements. The same argument can be made for remarriage and you suddenly find you have doubles of a lot items and need a place to store those items until a decision can be made as to what to do with those extra items.Garage SpaceWhile one of the least thought of spaces in a house, garages can ultimately be one of the most important. In terms of storage and functionality, garages have a chameleon effect in that they can be used for just about anything. This fact also means garages may be used for a variety of different purposes at any given time. The purchase of a new car, picking up a new hobby or needing more functional living space can change the use of a garage at any moment. In these situations, cleaning the garage out can be a necessity. Rather than throwing everything away or having a garage sale, renting a storage unit allows you to hold on to those items that were being stored in the garage.Portable storage units are great for remodeling, decluttering and many other reasons. The great thing about the portable storage unit is that you fill it once and empty it once. Otherwise you will need to rent a truck or find friends and family with a truck to load up your items, take them to a storage unit and unload them. And then do it all over again when move out of the storage unit. They are placed in your driveway and you can fill it as fast or as slow as needed. You will also still have access to the portable storage unit on our complex 24 hours a day.Call Stevens Creek Storage today to discuss your options with a professional.