Don’t Believe These 3 Common Storage Facility Myths

Climate Control

July 13th, 2021

According to the Self Storage Association, there are 7.3 square feet of storage for every man, woman, and child in the United States. The storage industry is a massive and lucrative one and continues to grow annually — over 50,000 storage facilities exist across the United States.Millions of Americans use some form of storage, whether that be traditional storage units or climate control storage units. They used them to help handle the great many items they might have in their homes. Despite how common it is to use a storage unit, there are quite a few myths that exist about storage units that need to be addressed. Here, we’ll bust some of those pesky myths for you.

Myth #1: Storage Units Are for Hoarders Only

While some people might think having a storage unit is only something that hoarders do, storage units are often used by a variety of people. Business owners, eBay merchants, college students, and so many more people all rely on these units to store their goods. Sometimes you just need a place to put your belongings because you don’t have enough room yet, and you’re getting a bigger home soon.

Myth #2: Storage Units Are too Expensive

Pricing on storage units can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the location of the facility. But the most important factor is what kind of storage unit you’re getting. There are self-storage, full-service storage, climate control storage units, and more. Each has its own benefits, and often there are ways to get access to them without breaking the bank.

Myth #3: Storage Properties Are Not Secure

Safety and security is a priority for storage units, and often a storage unit can be even safer and more secure than using a storage space on your own property. Things like outdoor sheds and street parking can be much less secure than a storage unit. Storage units can also have extra safety measures like electronic gates, fencing, lighting, cameras, and often guards that patrol the premises. Some units even have alarms installed into them individually, to give them the best security available. So you’ll have no want for secure storage with a good facility.If you’re considering getting a storage unit and these three myths are holding you back, don’t let them. Keep in mind the truth behind these myths, and look at your options when you tour facilities.