Trying to Clean Out the House? Put These 3 Items Into Storage

Storage Units

July 13th, 2021

Houses today are much bigger than they used to be. Unfortunately, that means the shear amount of belongings homeowners have sometimes just cannot fit in their houses. In the United States, the people who use storage units have garages (65%), attics (47%) and basements (33%) at home. This simply shows that even though home owners have plenty of storage space, they still need more. If you are in a similar situation and need more room in your house, here are three things you may want to consider putting in storage.

Clothes You Don’t Wear

There are very few people across the country who can say they wear every item of clothing they own. Most of us typically have a dozen or so outfits we like to wear, and then we don’t touch the rest of our closets. If you need to free up some drawer space, put those old clothes into storage.

Files and Documents

Is your filing cabinet overflowing? Documents like marriage certificates, social security cards, and house deeds should all be kept in a safe place. What about the tax returns from three years ago that you won’t need unless you get audited by the IRS? Documents like that can go into storage! You are not throwing them away because you can easily access them in your unit, but they are not clogging up your filing cabinet anymore.

Seasonal Items

If you’re like many people, you like to decorate for the holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, you name the holiday and there are decorations for it. The holiday totes in your basement can go elsewhere, however, so you can have the space to store other things down there. Put your seasonal items in a storage facility to help clean out the basement or attic space.Having extra storage space in your home is so important. There are just too many things nowadays that our houses have to hold. Keep your unwanted and non-urgent items like clothes, documents, and holiday decorations in a storage unit to free up some space in your house.